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About Us

Our Mission

Graceful Strides is a 501c3 non-profit organization that supports the community through operating a local thrift store and farm. Produce and products created at the Graceful Strides Farm are sold at the local thrift store along with other items. All excess proceeds are donated to target populations in the Carlton County and surrounding areas. Graceful Strides identifies our target populations as, children of low income families, Veterans, and people with disabilities. 

All are welcome!

Our farm is located in southern Carlton County in a rural part of Duluth, MN. You will be able to find animals such as our beautiful horses, chickens (and their eggs), and cows. The produce that we grow includes pumpkins, gourds, corn, apples, berries, flowers, and more.

Our farm is the perfect place for people who have an interest in agriculture, animals, farms, wellness, flowers, and more whether you have a disability or not, are an adult, male, female, nonbinary, teenager, or child. All are welcome!

Our thrift store is located in Cloquet. We accept donations where our employees then sort through the donations to set up the store for the perfect shopping experience. Many of our employees are people with disabilities who are working on employment skills and developing relationships. All proceeds from the store are utilized to support our employment experience and donated back to Carlton County and surrounding areas to help underserved populations. 

Our Team